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and what a thing, to know what could be instead

A Blessed Curse
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Graphics, music videos and fanmixes
This is a community for me (dejaentendu810, previously brokenhearted42), to post and share different kinds of fanart and graphics. I make icons, fanmixes, music videos/fan made videos and other graphics like wallpapers and gifs. I also post layout and profile codes.
The last three entries will be visible for everyone but you'll have to join to see old entries.
You can see the posts archive here.

common things i post about
Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Skins, Gossip Girl, Kris Allen, Straylight Run, Kevin Devine, American Idol, Pokemon, The Powerpuff Girls, Eisley, Alessandra Ambrosio, Fiona Apple, Lindsay Lohan, Paramore, Wall-E.

If you want to be an affiliate, let me know in any of my posts.
Credit for icons and codes is much appreciated. I won't haunt you down if you forget to credit, though, but please keep in mind that I put a lot of time in doing what I post here! For gifs, credit is not necessary at all but I appreciate it if you let me know you've taken it. Please, if you credit, link back to the community, not my personal journal. Thanks!
Comments for any type of post make me happy!

thehappyhour for the layout code of the community.
dearest, coffeeforcloser, miggy, colorfilter, 77words, midnight_road, extraobsession, misarte, soaked, joy_coloring, crisscross_icon, roserascal, roserascal, joel-le, infinite_muse, grafixed_art and blackcoffeeart for resources.
cartonage for layout tutorials.
Disparue.org for Skins Season 1 caps and ryais @ lj for some of the Skins Season 4 caps.
If you see I'm using something you made, please let me know and I'll credit you.

iconsfanmixesmusic videoswallpapersother graphicscodes