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Mini McGuinness video: "Buttoned Down"

"Buttoned Down"
Characters: Mini, with some Nick and a little Liv, all characters from Skins.
Music: "Buttoned Down" by Straylight Run.
Episodes: Only 5x03.
Description: Video about the character of Mini, focusing only on her episode from season 5.
Warnings: Some sexual images.

When was it that you lost your soul?
What does it take? What did they make you?
What do you know?
Would you have done it again, again, again?
Now we'll let you in but we should have known
We should have known
The needles, the space time can't erase
And buttoned down you'll get the best of me

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Note: Yes, I know, I know, a post! I've been doing some stuff lately, so there might be a graphics post soon. Stay tuned!
Tags: -music video: mini, -music video: skins, -music video: straylight run, music video
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