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Cook/Effy video: "The Wolves"

"The Wolves"
Characters: Cook and Effy.
Music: "The Wolves Act I and II" by Bon Iver.
Episodes: Up to 4x03.
Description: Video about the characters of Effy and Cook, their relationship and their similarities..
Warnings: Some sexual images.

What might've been lost...
Don't bother me

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Note: I haven't posted since forever! But well, I'm posting this here in case some people are still around.
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Mini McGuinness video: "Buttoned Down"

"Buttoned Down"
Characters: Mini, with some Nick and a little Liv, all characters from Skins.
Music: "Buttoned Down" by Straylight Run.
Episodes: Only 5x03.
Description: Video about the character of Mini, focusing only on her episode from season 5.
Warnings: Some sexual images.

When was it that you lost your soul?
What does it take? What did they make you?
What do you know?
Would you have done it again, again, again?
Now we'll let you in but we should have known
We should have known
The needles, the space time can't erase
And buttoned down you'll get the best of me

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Note: Yes, I know, I know, a post! I've been doing some stuff lately, so there might be a graphics post soon. Stay tuned!
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Picspam: Best St Berry Moments

Picspam: Best St Berry scenes

Warning: Spoilers for Glee, Season 1.
This picspam focuses on the relationship between Rachel Berry and Jessie St James from Glee, but it focuses more on Jessie than on Rachel.

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Please keep in mind that these are just my opinions, and even if you disagree, I hope you enjoyed it.
Feel free to comment with your favorite St Berry scenes/quotes or anything Glee related.
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skins season 4 special posts: emily

I'm sorry for taking so long to make another post. College is crazy right now. Anyway, here is the next post of the Skins Season 4 Special Posts, and the community has a new layout too!

This is the third post of the 9 special graphics posts I'll dedicate to Season 4 of Skins (I've already dedicated a music video, a fanmix and a picspam, too). They'll consist mainly of icons and, in most cases, wallpapers too. This post is icons and wallpapers from the second episode of the season, "Emily".

Skins Season 4 Special Posts
20 icons and 4 wallpapers: "Emily"


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skins season 4: fanmix and music video

I come here with a fanmix! But I tried something different this time. I also made a video with clips of the songs in this fanmix.

Coming Back As We Are

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update + poll + wallpapers

Hi everyone! Finals are over, so this means I have two whole weeks to dedicate to doing absolutely nothing. So I'll be making tons of posts in the next few weeks. I wanted to ask you, though, which were your favorite kind of posts so I know what to make more of. There'll be tons of Skins posts in the future (I'm thinking of making icons of each and every one of the episodes this season), even of characters and pairings I don't usually post, particularly Naomily, which I know a lot of you love since I've received requests.

Anyway, be sure to fill out the poll after the cut, and I'll try my best to post more of what is voted the most :)
If there's anything not included in the poll (for example, if there's a fandom you've seen me post but isn't as an option), please let me know in the comments and I'll take it into account. Also, any other type of suggestions are welcome!

I'm also very interested in what wallpaper size you use so I can make them appropriate for everyone, so be sure to fill out that question too.

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Finally, here are some wallpapers I've made since my last graphics post.

[2] Glee
--- [1] Kurt, Quinn and Finn
--- [1] Sectionals, "You Can't Always Get What You Want"

[5] Skins
--- [1] Second generation
--- [3] 4x05 "Freddie" (variations of the same wallpaper)

[1] Taylor Swift

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Customizable profile

As a thank you to all of you, I wanted to make an end-of-the-year post with some goodies. I ended up making a customizable profile. It's very simple and it comes in different colors. You can use it with a header or without one. There are many headers to choose from (Brand New, Glee, Gossip Girl, Paramore, Skins, Straylight Run, Taylor Swift and Taking Back Sunday), and you can use your own.

(click for a bigger preview)

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cook & effy fanmix: goodbye, lay the blame on luck

Hi everyone. I've been neglecting this community lately and I'm sorry. I've got a few requests for Naomily stuff and I haven't forgotten, they're coming :) A graphics post takes a lot of time and I haven't had much. College is killing me. Still, I promise there will be one soon.

I got a few ideas, though, for fanmixes, and today I have two to post. I'm also working on a FAQ post to keep things tidy.
Here's the first fanmix.

Goodbye, Lay The Blame On Luck

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